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Are you a creator?

I love to take pictures, especially of nature's wonders.

My pc is full of beautiful images, and I thought, why not use them for inspiration? 

This way we can create a ripple effect and spread some love and gratitude for our beautiful mother earth into the world and inspire even more creation.

I encourage you to take these pics as an inspiration for your art.

Maybe you want to draw a picture, as you look into the eyes of a tree face?

Or you feel drawn to write a poem about the moon?

Maybe you get inspired to express the feeling of a picture in a dance, a song or you simply use it to print it out and hang it up your wall?

Do anything you want with those pictures.

If you use them online, we ask you to tag #onlylovecanhealtheworld or #theheartofbeing or this website, so that your art can help to increase this ripple effect until the whole world is bathed in the light of love.

A utopia? Maybe.

Isn’t it worth a try?

No matter the outcome, let's have fun on the way.

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