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Love-Eyes Spiritual Development

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"The most valuable gift we can give ourselves is time, time to be fully present."
Oprah Winfrey


Our soul wants to grow. The soul wants to experience life to the fullest. Often we get stuck in the hustle of the human experience, rushing from appointment to appointment, helping others and taking care of others. As life seems to swirl around us we try to keep up with it, reacting to all that is happening in our life. When we consciously make the choice to create rather than react, we can step beyond ourselves and reach for our wildest dreams. We can deliberately create new healthy habits rather than following the patterns and conditionings that we were brought up with. To take the time to sit down and dive deep into the mystery of our souls is the biggest gift we can give us. My courses provide guidance and inspiration for your journey home towards yourself. 

When was the last time you did something for yourself? 


New Meditation Course coming soon!

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is the most transformational power.

The word “love” is a highly misunderstood word.

As we dressed up the word "love" in all kinds of erroneous costumes,

we let her play roles that don’t serve and empower us, but keep us stuck in victim mode and complaining.

I am on a quest to undress Love down to her naked, wild, untethered and pure nature,

letting her dance in the arms of possibilities and mystery.

By making Love the main character of our lives we are making ourselves the main character of our lives, as


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