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My Mission

I am committed to seeing love where others see fear. I am determined to wake up as love every day as I experience life with an open heart and childlike eyes. I am called to share my insights through writing and teaching. I want to explore all the beauty this human world has to offer, as well as investigate the mystery of the spiritual world.


Ancestral healing, past life work, Reiki and meditation and poetry call to me with their magical powers. I aspire to live in nature, near the forest and close to the ocean where foxes and hares kiss the moon every night. I value deep soulful connections, mind-tickling conversations, a-ha moments and all kinds of arts.

On my journey I have found that self-love seems to be the key to a fulfilled, loving and happy life. I am not talking about the occasional bubble bath and massage here, by the way. I am referring to a courageous way of living, to be brave enough to dive deep into one’s soul, to be as compassionate with oneself like with a child, to step out of victim mode and into the wild, innate power of the creator that we are. 

As we dressed up the word love in all kinds of erroneous costumes we let her play roles that don’t serve and empower us, but keep us stuck in victim mode and complaining. I am on a quest to undress love down to her naked, wild, untethered and pure nature, letting her dance in the arms of possibilities and mystery.


Let's start a movement!

Let's see love where others see fear!

Let's see the world through Love's eyes!

For only love can heal the world! 

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