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Seeing the world through the eyes of Love!

Welcome to the heArt of Being.

On my way through life I learned that I can perceive this wonderful world through the eyes of Love! If we do so, we can discover the magic that lies in every leaf, in every sunrise and every moon. We often react, instead of create. 

These pages are for the creators, the lovers, the searchers, the finders, the explorers and transformers, the sensitive, the powerful, the receivers and the givers, the caring, the sharing, the believers, the visionaries, the witches, the wizards, the hurting, the healing, the gods and goddesses, the passionate, the loud and the silent ones, the readers, the watchers, the poets and the writers.

These pages are for you.

Let's put Love into the www, let's Wrap the World in Wonder.

Grab a coffee or a tea, this is your time, time for your soul.

Have you loved today?

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