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About Sadhbh

Sadhbh Adamea is my pen name. The name Sadhbh is Irish and found me as my very own soul was reunited with me and ignited the flame of my true essence.


My Story

When I visited Ireland for the first time (in this life) I instantly felt like home and also had a very magical encounter with a fawn in the luscious green forests of Ross Castle.

The deer accompanied me as a spirit guide since then and I deeply resonated with the meaning of the name. Sadhbh is not only considered the goddess of the deer, but also stands for transformation, change, shapeshifting, motherhood and love.


The Irish myth about the woman who was transformed into a deer talks about a painful but beautiful journey to love. The deer here finds her strength to adapt and survive in her new form.

Like Sadhbh I am not taking nature for granted and I love to witness all her little and huge wonders. Once I stepped into my own authenticity I was reunited with the true meaning of love. Since then I have devoted my life to share everything I found out about love. I’d like to share my travels through the forest of life towards the castle of love with anyone, especially how to navigate through big changes and huge transformations like Sadhbh did in the myth.


My soul pulled me towards Ireland and I am so grateful to be able to now live in this beautiful country. Every day is a poem. Poetry is a big part of my work, not only in writing retreats, but when I am coaching, holding circles or doing mindfulness training with children.


The name Adamea mainly stands for magnetic love energy. In Spanish, “adamar” means “I love greatly.”

As my soul clearly is on a mission of love this name stands for the mantra which I practice every day: I am love.

Having a pen name is part of a ritual that gets me into a receiving mode which allows me to write from the depths of my soul. It is a magic cloak that I slip on while my heart creates poetry, prose and essays from the letter labyrinth of the keyboard.

But alas, as Shakespeare already observed: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” My name only touches the surface of who I really am, so dive in and read on, follow me to read my words, comment and share so that I can get to know you too. Let’s spread seeds of love everywhere, for the world may bloom in magical peace one day!


these words

and then turn


the spaces

in between

listen to the silence

that lingers

in front of

every word


the rhythm

of the rhyme

as it sinks in

and in time

creates a lullaby

that takes you away

from my


towards your


for that it evolves

into your very own

enchanted forest

that bears

all kinds

of magic.

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