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Love-Eyes Retreats

Give Yourself The Gift Of Presence

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When was the last time you have taken the time to be with yourself? 

Choosing to take care of ourselves is not selfish, it is a necessary step in order for us to be able to give. From my own experience I know that especially as caregivers and sensitive people we are so focused on giving that we forget to fill our own cups. A retreat does not only help us relax and retreat into our inner world, it has the ability to transform us. The Love we are giving ourselves in a retreat will effortlessly emanate from us and spill into other people's experience. Tending to our own growth is the best gift we can give the world.

Through poetry and creative writing we can channel our innermost wishes onto paper, explore hidden wells of ancient dreams and tend to our hearts. My retreats combine many practices like spiritual rituals, creative writing exercises, movement and arts. 

In a cosy space with like-minded people, we can make meaningful connections and create an environment of Love, understanding and care.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

“Nicole’s warmth, openness and generosity of spirit were her most likeable aspects but so much more!" (Retreat attendee)

"The goodie bag was delightful...gorgeous little things ..made me feel just like a child."

(Retreat attendee)

"Nicole is an extremely authentic, generous and natural host."

(Retreat attendee).

 "Nicole, thank you for a magical evening, a far cry from the busy day I had!"(Retreat attendee).

"Nicole I really enjoyed your session. It was relaxed, thought provoking, inspiring and plenty fun! The snacks were generous and delicious and all round more than excellent value. The time flew, I left in refreshed great form. Many thanks."

(Retreat attendee)

Professional Background

  • Accredited Creative Mindfulness for Kids practitioner

  • 13 years of teaching experience

  • 2.5 years additional training as a drama teacher

  • Teacher’s Training at a secondary school

  • Training for kids with special needs

  • Master of Arts in Applied Music Science

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Music

Advanced Training

  • teaching mindfulness

  • trauma studies

  • autism

  • gender sensitivity 

  • communication training

  • coping mechanisms for anger

  • leadership training

  • Yoga for kids with Pretzel Play

Creative Activities

  • 16 years of improvisational theater (part founder of improv troup)

  • 4 years teaching improvisational theater

  • 7 school theater plays, 2 musicals (director)

  • 6 plays with adults (director, actress, singer)

  • theater group leader workshops (i.a. Hero’s Journey, Shakespearean language)

Spiritual Development

  • mindfulness teacher

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

  • manifesting training

  • devoted student of Abraham Hicks studies

  • Reiki Level 1

  • ancestor healer

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