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How does Love-Eyes work?

We are very used to a scattered focus, which leads to looking at life through a kind of prism. The world looks interesting but at some point we will get a dizzy and lose our ability to walk our path straight. Focus requires clear lenses.


We are loaded with a lot of distractions. We are trained to do what other people expect us to do. Thus we look from here to there and have a hard time to put together the big picture.


In meditation we practice to deliberately focus our thoughts on one thing. A lot of people think that meditation is the attempt to try to have no thought. Yet it is most important to simply train the ability to focus.


With Love-Eyes we introduce mindfulness and meditation into our lives in a simple way and without having to sit down on a yoga cushion. We quieten our busy mind by simply focusing on the little things. We consciously condition our minds to zoom into the positive experiences, elevate our feelings and with this also raise our vibration. The people around us will not only be inspired by our positive mindset but also feel appreciated and accepted, which leads to deeper relationships, kinder conversations, joy and contentment.

When we appreciate the world like it is, we can shift from reacting to creating. We then don't feel the need to control everything but can stay calm and centred through every storm.

There are wars in the world and inside us. Often we close our eyes and doors and hide, overwhelmed by the injustice, the pain and the suffering that we observe throughout a day. However, I believe that the world can be a much kinder place. When we remember our innate power and tune into the love that we already are, we can make the world a better place!

When we understand that we are the love that we are searching for and that we create our own reality, we can step into our own authentic power. Then our lives are more peaceful, joyful and we can even make our wildest dreams come true. My soul chose to be on a mission of love. I am here to spread love and undress one of the most erroneously conditioned words towards its naked, raw and true essence.

As Love-Eyes Spiritual Development I serve guidance and education.  I am especially passionate about assisting sensitive souls, recovering people-pleasers and caregivers to follow their own unique soul journey through the power of poetry, creativity, meditation and nature. I also serve Heartfelt Mindfulness Lessons for children.

Help me see the world through Love-Eyes! Let's spread love and kindness into the world. Let's follow Mahatma Gandhi's example and let's be the change we want to see in the world, through the practice of seeing through the eyes of love! The Love Café is a place where we can meet and connect with each other to combine forces and brighten the world with the light of love.

If you want to support my work, feel free to buy me a coffee!

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