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Love-Eyes for Organizations
- Corporate Wellness - 

Are you a service-based business owner, ready to take your heart-centred business to the next level?

Do you lead with compassion and kindness but struggle to keep it up, because the stress and the hustle got hold of you eventually?

Are you having trouble with certain co-workers or employees

Do you struggle with a high sickness ratio among your staff?

Whether you are a teacher, a healthcare provider, hotel manager or a hairdresser, anyone that has the intention of making the world a bit kinder and more loving is welcome to take this training!

Are you ready to boost your company's productivity and generate family-like teamwork among your employees? Do you want to foster a growth mindset, cultivate resiliency and authenticity in your team's leaders? Are you aiming for a conscious, authentic leadership in yourself`? Do you need a creative and fun activity for the next team event, increasing growth and kind communication at the same time?  Are you looking for an inspiring talk that helps your company grow with kindness and compassion

Studies have shown that kindness, compassion and calmness in the workplace can lead to increased job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity. It can also improve workplace relationships and reduce stress levels. Additionally, acts of kindness can create a positive work culture and improve overall wellbeing.

Love-Eyes Training provides an easy approach to improve wellbeing and engages kinder communication.

What if you could create better results with less effort?

What if you could create a harmonic workflow through a simple lens shift and a bit of practice?

Find out how to work with me:


I am not a therapist and working with me is not a substitute for therapy. If you need therapeutical advice please find professional help. I will always recommend therapy if you are struggling with mental health issues.

My Offers


My Toolbox

“Nicole’s warmth, openness and generosity of spirit were her most likeable aspects but so much more!" (Retreat attendee)

Professional Background

  • Accredited Creative Mindfulness for Kids practitioner

  • 13 years of teaching experience

  • 2.5 years additional training as a drama teacher

  • Teacher’s Training at a secondary school

  • Training for kids with special needs

  • Master of Arts in Applied Music Science

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Music

Advanced Training

  • teaching mindfulness

  • trauma studies

  • autism

  • gender sensitivity 

  • communication training

  • coping mechanisms for anger

  • leadership training

  • Yoga for kids with Pretzel Play

Creative Activities

  • 16 years of improvisational theater (part founder of improv troup)

  • 4 years teaching improvisational theater

  • 7 school theater plays, 2 musicals (director)

  • 6 plays with adults (director, actress, singer)

  • theater group leader workshops (i.a. Hero’s Journey, Shakespearean language)

Spiritual Development

  • mindfulness teacher

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

  • manifesting training

  • devoted student of Abraham Hicks studies

  • Reiki Level 1

  • ancestor healer

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