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It is so good to see you!


is the great miracle cure.

Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Louise Hay

Step in. Hang up your jacket. Grab a chair.
Get a cup of tea or coffee.
Wrap your soul into the cozy blanket of love.

is the most transformational power. The word “love” is a highly misunderstood word.

As we dressed up the word "love" in all kinds of erroneous costumes, we let her play roles that don’t serve and empower us, but keep us stuck in victim mode and complaining. I am on a quest to undress Love down to her naked, wild, untethered and pure nature, letting her dance in the arms of possibilities and mystery. By making Love the main character of our lives we are making ourselves the main character of our lives, as

we are the love we are searching for.



A Vision For The World

Once upon a time the world was at peace. The wish to be happy was stronger than the hunger of the need to be right. Everyone knew that nobody was broken and that all is well in the world. Everybody recognized the creator in themselves and was courageously stepping onto their unique soul’s journey. They were brave enough to embark on the biggest quest of cosmic intention - to show up as love every day.


When they got upset they were kind to themselves and to each other and communicated respectfully and non-violently. Wars, violence and hatred ceased to exist as people learned to be unconditional in their experience, trusting in the caring forces of the universe that would guide them through their lives.


Love overflowed as abundance into the sacred convergence of everything. Every being on earth felt worthy and loveable and knew that they already were whole. Oneness was omnipresent and every culture contributed their wisdom into the melting cauldron of unity. Respect was woven into a tapestry of diversity.


The innate beauty of all creation was celebrated in the wonder of awe. Gratitude was the unquenchable well of being, embraced by the awareness of humility. The air was quivering in laughter and music, wildly dancing to the poetic rhythm of creation. 

Cheerful children’s voices reverberated with the canyons as they beautifully explored their individuality in the school of life and studied the curriculum of human mystery. Teachers became students and students became teachers, willingly co-creating a web of understanding and compassion. Every human was free and their very own songs created a mosaic symphony of harmony conducted by the power of love.


Nicole Rank

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