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Love-Eyes - Coaching

Are you ready to transform your life?

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Are you ready to live with more ease, calm and clarity?

Do you want to finally feel free?

Are you looking for that one missing piece that helps you to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams?

Do you feel like you are lacking Love and joy in your life?

Do you just need someone to cheer you on during your transformative process of becoming the best version of yourself?

Do you feel that you are a creator, but somehow you end up reacting over and over again?

Do you feel there is more to life than just work and that you want to enjoy life more?

Are you interested in your personal growth and willing to do “the work”, but somehow life keeps getting in the way?

Do you feel like you are stuck because it just takes too much time to read all the self-help books?

Do you often find yourself pondering the big questions in life?

Do you feel alone in your transformation through big changes?

Do you often wonder, if there is a greater cause for all this?

Let me help you on your journey! 


I am not a therapist and working with me is not a substitute for therapy. If you need therapeutical advice please find professional help. I will always recommend therapy if you are struggling with mental health issues.

What is Co-Creative Coaching?


In my sessions I am combining the poetry of the mystics, the vibration of source, the laws of the universe, the science of heart, emotional regulation, breaking old habits and patterns, ancestral healing with the beauty of creation and the wisdom of spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and rituals.

My teaching background enables me to simplify complicated material and demonstrate complex connections.

You can choose from these options:

Love-Eyes Coaching Package - Seed:

1 session - 66 Euro/hour

Let's plant the seed together to initiate your transformation.

Sometimes we just need a little nudge.

Sometimes we just need to hear the right sentence at the right time to redirect us back to ourselves.

I am here to help. 

Love-Eyes Coaching Package - Water:

2 one hour sessions - 120 Euro total - including personalised worksheet

Let's plant the seed for transformation and nourish your growth.

In these sessions we can dive a bit deeper and discover the roadblocks that keep you stuck.

You will get support between the two sessions through a personalised worksheet.

This way you can keep track of your setbacks and wins and we can evaluate and find ongoing support in the session. 


Love-Eyes Coaching Package - Growth:

360 Euro for the full package (altogether 6 coaching hours (used within 2 months))

- including personalised workbook & WhatsApp support

This package provides a deeper support.

You will get a personalised workbook that assists you with tasks, questions, tips and other resources.

We will adjust the sessions to your needs. Building new pathways needs consistency.

We can't grow a plant properly if we only water it every second week. 

Thus, we will set the time frame for the sessions together in the discovery call and adjust them to your living situation.

In the end the times will add up to six full coaching sessions. 

This package is perfect for busy people who want to build new practices for optimal growth.

You will also get ongoing support via WhatsApp.

If you want to experience co-creative coaching together with friends or family, you can also book a group setting with me.

Prices depend on the time frame and what you want to be included. In this case, sign up for a free discovery call and I can work out a personalised offer.

My Offers

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Love-Eyes Living Training.png

My Toolbox

“Nicole’s warmth, openness and generosity of spirit were her most likeable aspects but so much more!" (Retreat attendee)

Nicole is friendly, warm, calm, welcoming, well organised and prepared.”

(Parent of a Kid's Course attendee)

"Sadhbh* has been a contributor to my company's personal development publication for almost a year now and we love her insights and motivation. Her contributions are organic, transformative and healing. She and her message are a breath of fresh air."

(Publication Author)

*Sadhbh is my pen name under which I publish spiritual essays and poetry

Professional Background

  • Accredited Creative Mindfulness for Kids practitioner

  • 13 years of teaching experience

  • 2.5 years additional training as a drama teacher

  • Teacher’s Training at a secondary school

  • Training for kids with special needs

  • Master of Arts in Applied Music Science

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Music

Advanced Training

  • teaching mindfulness

  • trauma studies

  • autism

  • gender sensitivity 

  • communication training

  • coping mechanisms for anger

  • leadership training

  • Yoga for kids with Pretzel Play

Creative Activities

  • 16 years of improvisational theater (part founder of improv troup)

  • 4 years teaching improvisational theater

  • 7 school theater plays, 2 musicals (director)

  • 6 plays with adults (director, actress, singer)

  • theater group leader workshops (i.a. Hero’s Journey, Shakespearean language)

Spiritual Development

  • mindfulness teacher

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

  • manifesting training

  • devoted student of Abraham Hicks studies

  • Reiki Level 1

  • ancestor healer

Book your free discovery call today!

If you are interested in working with me and want to get to know me,

book your free 15 minutes discovery call here!

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