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Like a Child on Christmas Morning

A one day self-care retreat to come home to the magical spirit of love!

Are you rushing

through the most wonderful time

of the year?


Does the upcoming holiday stress

fill you with fear?


Do you take the time to fill your own cup?


Do you sometimes wish that time would just stop?

If you are looking for a short pause in between the Christmas hustle, to fill your heart with creativity, laughter, joy and love then this cosy get together is for you!

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What to expect:

Around Christmas time, we easily connect to the spirit of love. We are searching for connection; we like to come together and eat, we find joy in preparing gifts and in sharing.


We also crave more stillness, but we don’t dare to become quiet, the little voice in our heads seems to never stop. We intend to be more mindful throughout the holiday season, but we often get lost in the hustle. We end up feeling depleted and are not able to spread the joy of Christmas anymore.


How about taking a break to breathe?

Give yourself the early present of presence!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like a child on Christmas morning every day?


Join me to learn how to treat yourself with compassion, kindness and care. Explore how to keep the spirit of Christmas throughout the year!


“The most valuable gift

you can give yourself is time.

Time to be fully present.”

Oprah Winfrey

Christmas Spirit All Year Long! 

Let’s use the heart-opening atmosphere of advent time to find our very own way from the head to the heart! Experience a day of comfort and joy in a calm space at the Acre Centre.


Give yourself the opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom, wrapped in the comfort of like-minded souls. Experience how to enjoy the silence within you and how to open your door to love so that the light can pour out of you and enlighten others.


Find your unique way to connect to your inner spirit. By healing your inner world, you give everyone around you the greatest gift that you can give: an empowered, balanced, and authentic you!

Together we will connect to the spirit of Christmas through

  • meditation

  • creative writing exercises

  • spirituality

  • soulful talks

  • crafting

Drinks, yummy Christmas treats and a soulful soup included!

You will also go home with a little creative gift for yourself and a loved one, and of course with a heart full of love!


As I want to give my full attention to everyone, spaces are limited to 12!

Energy exchange: € 50.


If you want to get information about other upcoming courses, sign up here for SOul Tidings.

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