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Join Us In The Love Café

As old souls, spiritual mentors, practitioners and magic makers, we are on a mission of spreading love.


Our purpose is to serve our highest self and support the higher self in others to ignite, encourage, empower and to inspire us to discover our own unique gift by which each of us best can serve the world. Yet, as we embark on our mission we often forget to fill our own cup. Let’s keep the flame of passion burning through these soulful conversations.


I am passionate about making the world a kinder, more loving place. For me, non-judgment is the most important value that I carry. I am a listener, an igniter, and a curious creative spiritual alchemist. I’d like to share the knowledge that I gained through deep dives into my own soul and like to provide a space for us where our journeys can cross paths. I believe that nobody is broken and that everybody is naturally resourceful, creative and whole.

There are two ways in which you can engage in the Love Café.

You can either join for the free sessions or become part of the

Sacred HeArts Oasis - A Love Café Community. 


In our free sessions we are talking about the collective effervescence of our experiences, to create a community of connection, to support, encourage, inspire and nurture spiritual growth and creative flow as well as getting comfortable with change and learn how to gain courage for our journey ahead.

We would love to see you there!


This free virtual event is intended to be a safe, kind and respectful space. Thus I am committed to keeping one’s privacy. I will never share pictures, snippets of videos or your words without permission.

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