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We are love!

The shift from fear to love is the miracle of our lives.

We believe that if you see the world through Love’s eyes,

if you say “Yes” to love, if you are just willing to see love in the little things,

a lot of things can shift in your surroundings too.

We see the world like we are.

We all are coming from the same source that created our souls,

we are more than just a body, we are a body in a soul.

This source that connects us all in this feeling of oneness, this home, this love is our true being.

Often people are stating that you only know what love is, when you have a child, because then, for a little while, we witness the miracle of seeing the world through the eyes of a child, seeing the world through the eyes of love, as children are born as bundles of love and are closest to source for a while.

We grow up learning that we need to face “real life”, that we need to become mature, responsible people.

We need to learn again to surrender to the flow of life.

We are allowed to have fun and play.

“It is not shirking your duty as a responsible adult”

“It is not deluding yourself and turning away from the real world!

Rather, surrender is placing responsibility where it is best placed - firmly in the hands of that part of you wise enough to know the Great Beloved is wiser still, and that your life unfolds according to the Great Beloved’s Grace.” 

(Alana Fairchild, Rumi Oracle)

We are here to love and experience joy, and still, we focus most times of the day on the lack, the bad, the wars, the things that we want and not yet have, the bad news, the things that go wrong, the obstacles we see.

Where the focus goes the energy flows and we end up feeling drained, empty and sad.


Are you ready to shift the letters and from    R E A C T I N G    to    C R E A T I N G  ?


Dear love,

hold me today in thy grace,

let me bathe in your warmth.

Show me thy beautiful face,

and wrap me safely in thy faith.


Let thy light shine through me,

take me to thy shores and lonely bays,

where washed out wood

and pieces of shells tickle my toes, 

challenging me to lift my feet higher.


Let me carry the strength 

thou gift to me gracefully,

for I may share it with ease

and set love free.


Sadhbh Adamea

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