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Zoom in

“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

Anaïs Nin

Love is a natural magnifier

Zoom in

Zoom in and see the whole world in the close-up of your soul.

Stand still and focus on who you are.

Look outside by turning inside inside out outside in flip the image drop the struggle and live your life through the magnificent magnifier of love.

by Sadhbh Adamea

I love taking pictures and videos so much, because they help me practice focussing. I always learn new things about myself too. I have to become really still and focus my breathing towards a slow pace. Sometimes even holding my breath. Steady hand. Feet deeply rooted into the earth. Concentration. Stillness. Awe. Reverence.

I made a video, which you can find here. When I tried to touch the water drop, I first focussed through the lens of the camera. This made me miss my intention. Only when I shifted my gaze onto the drop, I was able to touch it. What a beautiful metaphor that nature gave me once again.

We can miss our intention and desires by just a tiny step, if we are looking through the wrong lens. Our focus gets distorted, when we try to see through other people’s eyes or through the eyes of fear. When we look through the eyes of love, focusing softly on the intention while we are rooted in the presence of the moment, we can make magic happen!

Do you have questions about how to shift your lens? Feel free to reach out if you would like guidance. You can also follow me on Instagram for more information. Stay tuned for upcoming magical webinars and courses.

Thank you so much for reading!

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