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Blood & Ink

How To Write Your Heart Out

“I write to empty my head and fill my heart.”
Paulo Coelho

Writing can be incredibly healing.


Lay down your sword

let the blood drip

onto the paper

writing words of forgiveness

onto the white flag

let the red ink dry

until the rain

washes away the fight

until you are ready

to see the light

through the sun-bleached canvas

of your essence

Put down your word

let the pen fly

across the sheets

of endless possibilities

lay down your shield

let your blind eyes


let them roam 

across a field 

of flowers

until the smells of roses

cover the memory of pain

let your soul dance

until you feel the power 

of your heart again

Lay down your sword

put down your word

let the river of painful red

turn into a radiant cobalt blue

let go of everything that has been said

and thought

and write the infinite story of you

by Sadhbh Adamea


When I sit down to write I first let all the words that are clouding my heart flow onto the paper. I light a candle and breathe for a moment. Then I let the words go. I don’t read them at the same time, I just let the pen dance across the paper and almost follow it with my eyes. It is a little bit like I am hypnotized by my own pen.

After I have written for a while I often notice that the words seem to shift and I start to write like someone else is writing. At times I can’t even stop. I forget to eat and drink. Once the valve is open, the ink keeps flowing. These moments often occur after days of being blocked. As much as I seem to suffer on those days where nothing seems to go right and everything seems to stagnate, it is beautiful when the words finally flow. I find myself observing that once I start protecting myself, closing my heart, the words feel like they are stuck inside my body. They rise up to a swirl of letters and words and once I am ready to take the time to open up, they bathe me in the sweetest creations. After these days I am humbled and discover anew that we can only see the light once we are embracing the night.

Some people call this technique automatic writing, some intuitive writing and others may call it channelling. I believe it doesn’t matter what name we are giving this technique, the important part is the almost ritualistic letting go of resistance, to get into the “flow-state”. This doesn’t only go for writers, I believe it goes for musicians, dancers, painters and other creators too. If you are reading this and are creating in any kind, I challenge you to try this style of writing, if you haven’t already.

If you want to get inspired, check out this website. I uploaded a bunch of pictures, which you could use as a start to write or create other arts, too. Just look at the pictures, breathe deeply in and out and then let the words/creations flow.

Lots of love,


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