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The Power Of The Written Word

Meditate Through Journaling

“Sit quietly and listen for a voice that will say, Be more silent. As that happens, your soul starts to revive.”


Inside the endless list of things to do lives a dream, a passion and a calling. Oftentimes we are so deeply entangled in the rhythm of rush that we can’t seem to stop. We start to stumble and bump against things and the words of others. We push against the unwanted things, only to make them bigger and bigger until we are falling onto the ground, wounded and in pain. We end up fatigued. This word derives from the word fati-agos which means as much as “driving to the point of breakdown”. We race through life checking things off our lists only to feel empty and resentful after a certain amount of time. Even if we are engaging in our spiritual practices and rituals such as walking or reading, we sometimes don’t really slow down our swirling minds. I have been practicing meditation for several years now, and still I have moments in which I can’t seem to quiet my mind. The only way I seem to get to the point of surrender is simply writing. There is something about pen and paper that is not only soothing but also very empowering.

Picture: Doug Kline — Pensieve — A magical item to store and review memories

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I have often thought, wouldn’t it be nice if Dumbledore’s pensieve could be real? The possibility to extricate thoughts off of our brains and put them somewhere for later seems extraordinarily soothing to me. One day I realized that journaling has the same effect. Just writing down what’s in my mind helps me clarify the muddy swamp in my brain and brings out words that are reflected back to me by the paper like crystal clear water, shimmering in the sun. Suddenly I can feel my soul again and my dreams and passions are shining brightly, after the fear has dissolved onto the ink. What a blessing it is to be able to write. All it takes is that we take the time. As Oprah Winfrey states “The most valuable gift we can give ourselves is time. Time to be fully present.”I believe that sitting with our own words is the most present we can be. This presence becomes our gift as we become the pen through which source lets its ink flow.


when fear is clouding

the beauty

of my soul

and my thoughts

are bouncing

through the rabbit hole


when storms are howling

through the empty halls

of loneliness

All I can do

picking up pen and paper

and undress

until I unravel

the beautiful mess

of hopes and dreams

beliefs and fears

floating away

in the rivers of tears.

All I can do

is let the words flow

until my muscles

are letting go

until my heart softens

and I can again hear

the beat of love

soothing, calm, clear.

© by Sadhbh Adamea

© Sadhbh Adamea — Writing with pen and paper helps me to let go of blocks in my body.

If you are struggling with fatigue and find yourself having difficulties to stop the mind carousel, make sure to follow me on Instagram to be the first to know when my new course “From Over-Giving To Conscious Living” will be ready for application. You can also sign up for my Soul Tidings and find more inspiration on this website.

Lots of love,

Sadhbh Adamea

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