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Seeing Through The Eyes Of Love

When you expect to see love you will find it everywhere!

Today is Valentine’s Day! As a lover of love I cherish this day, although I am equally aware of its rather commercial connotation. Also I think that on days like these some people might feel incredibly alone.

Looking for love in all the wrong places myself for a very long time, I have learned that love is not to be searched for, hunted after or waited for. Love is to be given. Love is to be lived.

How do we live love?

Well, as love is a vibration, I think it has to be experienced with all of our senses. Therefore, I have written a poem for you so that you can dive into love with every cell of your Being. As poetry has to be spoken, you can listen to the recording of the poem here.

Poem "Love Is The Source " by Sadhbh Adamea

We can practice being love with little things. Where we focus, our energy flows. As we are trained to see things before we believe them, it makes sense to first tune our eyes towards the frequency of love. We can then practice seeing hearts everywhere. Let them be little signs that love is all around you. Look at the world through Love’s eyes. Say yes to Love! I intend to start a whole new movement, called LovEyes! Will you join me?

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